Land O'Lakes

Patented Scentability! Patented 360° rotation of hooks!
Guide Designed Tested and Proved

Fish it as a jerkbalt or a crankbalt and pull in big slashing predatory aggressors with the meaty 8" body, injured-baitfish action, internal rattle, and replaceable twirling grub tall. Wire-through construction withstands repeated savage strikes, and the large razor-honed treble hooks rotate 360° to prevent fish from twisting themselves loose. Charge the glow-in-the-dark strip on the back with a flashlight and keep track of Jaws in low-light and dark conditions. Patented scent tab on the underside of the body readily accepts and slowly disperses fish attractants. Per each.

Size: 8"
Colors: (017)Perch, (010)Shad, (021)Firetiger, (612)Pike, (758)Midnight Silhouette, (790)Brook Trout.
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