Fish Attractant

Formulated by legendary trapper with over 60 years of scent making experience!
All scent taste and smells great to those predators!

Predator fish attractant scent makes sense! Some scientist suggest that fish have a sense of smell that is 1,000 times more acurate than a dog's, which is 1,000 times better than a human's. In fish, the sense of smell is also called chemoreception which is a mechanism to receive and deal with chemical cues (or smells). Water is an excelent medium for dissolving and dispersing chemical cues. Fish are entirely good at all senses, but they live in a dangerous environment where vision and hearing are not reliable defenses. Recent scientific trials provide evidence that the chemicals released from the skin of the prey or bait fish such as a minnow when it is alarmed or injured do attract predators and also warn other prey to get away!

Predator Fish Attractant was formulated by a legendary trapper with over 60 years experience. The secret formula is based on the writings (both published and unpublished) of renowned trappers throughout history and is based on years of real life experience. How interesting it is that both scientists and the expert outdoorsmen are comming up with the same results!!!

Scent has unlimited application for all types of fishing. Predator Fish Attractant is an oil-based formula so it will have a tendency to last a relatively long time. This is especially true if you use one of our Land O'Lakes Tackle Co. products with a patented, absorbent scent tab. You can certainly use Predator Fish Attractant with all of your favorite lures, but it will have to be applied more frequently (about 10-15 minutes for typical casting or trolling). Our pro staff even applies Predator Fish Attractant to live bait and finds that a little extra scent gets better results! Remember to shake well. Apply directly to scent tab, lure or live bait, 1-2 drops is all it takes.

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